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Ways To Celebrate Constitution Day

September 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Diana Hadley

Don’t forget the many opportunities to include First Amendment activities for your school’s Constitution Day on September 17. There are many good resources on the “1 For All” Web site. See the information from Ken Paulson below.

A helpful Constitution Day tip for teachers

Schools across America will be celebrating Constitution Day on September 17 and many teachers are looking for ways to explore the foundations of freedom in a creative way. 1 for All, a national non-partisan coalition of educators, journalists, librarians, artists and many others, has developed creative lesson plans for grades K-12.  These educational materials will help teachers explore the First Amendment in dynamic ways.

A great exercise providing an overview of the First Amendment is attached as a PDF file and can be shared free of charge with educators. More lesson plans can be found at

More than 1,100 news organizations have stepped up to provide support for this ongoing educational initiative.  As always, we appreciate your help.

Ken Paulson

President and CEO

First Amendment Center

More student activities that celebrate the First Amendment can be found at the First Amendment Center.

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