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A Little Bragging As The School Year Ends

Diana Hadley

I’m probably about to make a big mistake on purpose—but I have a good reason.

I’m going to brag about some of our advisers who have been recognized for excellence by their schools this spring with the hunch that I will omit some who haven’t been reported. I hope this blog will encourage others to let me know of other adviser honors so that I can brag about even more of our people. (It’s hard to cover a state full of talented, hard-working but humble people adequately.) Here is what I know from websites and friends of the award-winners:

Jim Streisel, Carmel High School, was named Carmel Clay Schools Teacher of the Year May 9. Jim has taught at Carmel 16 years, and he has been adviser of the HiLite since 2004.

Streisel is a valued instructor for workshops and conferences throughout the country. The HiLite has received the IHPSA Hoosier Star five times under his leadership.

Casey Tedrow was named Teacher of the Year for Center Grove High School.

She teaches English, Journalism, and Etymology and is a co-chair of the English department and co-chair of the professional development team. She has advised the Trojan yearbook for 11 years, and this year she co-advises CGTV.

Jim Lang, Floyd Central High School, received similar recognition with the Principal’s Tribute to Excellence award presented to one Floyd Central faculty member each year. In addition to advising publications at Floyd Central, Jim has been an IHSPA board member since 1998 and an Adviser of the Year. He has also been a member of task teams to develop the First Amendment Symposium and journalism/mass media standards for Indiana.

Three other advisers made the elite list of Lilly Teacher Creativity Award recipients for this year: Tom Gayda, publications adviser at North Central High School; Kathy McKinney, publications adviser at Kankakee Valley High School, and Kathleen Mills, newspaper adviser at Bloomington High School South.

When one considers the fact that some of our advisers have already received this kind of distinction in past years and that each school only has one or two publications advisers, the number who are recognized for excellence each year is noteworthy. Congratulations to all. IHSPA has a great team!

Editor’s Note: Although make-up days are going to delay the end of the year for many schools, others are drawing to a close within a few days. Due to the changes in publication dates for a significant number of newspapers, the new postmark deadline for newspaper Harvey entries is Friday, June 10. Information and entry forms can be downloaded from the IHPSA website. Anyone who has a student newspaper published after June 10 should contact me if they still want to enter the contest.

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