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Online Newspapers, Multimedia Categories Added To Harvey Contest

Diana Hadley

I’m excited to share news that the 2012 Harvey competition includes two new categories: online newspaper and multimedia stories. Information about all Harvey Awards is available by clicking THIS LINK.. (Forms are also available on the IHSPA website. Click “Forms Central” at the left of the home page and then under column two: “Applications and Forms” and then “Harveys.”

The deadline for 2012 Newspaper Harvey Awards is Friday, June 15. (The 2012 Yearbook Harvey Awards deadline isn’t until September 14, 2012. Those updated forms will be added soon and will include a new category for chronological yearbooks.)

Although the Newspaper Harvey deadline is still a month away, I look at the calendar and realize that many of you are either about to distribute spring delivery yearbooks or facing deadlines for fall delivery yearbooks and final issues of the newspaper.

In addition to all the other school responsibilities, members of our IHSPA family have personal family units that range from the care of children to grandchildren to aging parents—treasures to be sure, but elements that contribute to the perfect storm of job and family that can materialize at the end of the year.

When I grew up in a small farming community decades ago, many people still had large families of six to eight children.  An elderly neighbor lady told me that women of that era forgot how difficult the last month of pregnancy was until the eighth month of the next pregnancy.  I think I had a similar mindset as an adviser. Each April I thought the year was progressing with a sane, manageable pace; and then May barged into the idyllic scene carrying several large bags of chaos.

I hope your last couple of weeks will be as chaos-free as possible. Keep me informed about any changes in contact information for you or your staff as we plan for a new year, and feel welcome to contact me during the summer as you think of ways IHSPA can help you.

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