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Elston wins Sengenberger at a ‘perfect time’

October 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Diana Hadley

It was about time.

It was the perfect time.

Both comments were reactions when Julie Elston, adviser of the Inklings, Crown Point High School’s student newspaper, received the 2012 Ella Sengenberger “Adviser of the Year” award at the 2012 IHSPA convention last Friday, Oct. 19, at Franklin College.

It was about time because Julie has been an adviser for two decades. She has served as an IHSPA board member for several years, and she has advised publications that consistently win top state and national awards.

It was the perfect time because it is the only year in her career when her two daughters, Abby and Olivia, are both on staff. When Julie’s name was announced as this year’s recipient, the two siblings rushed the stage to hug their adviser/mom. As far as I know it was an IHSPA first and a special moment that generated applause…and a few tears.

If you’d like to re-capture some of these special moments along with full results including all Harvey, Hoosier Star and On-Site contests, just click here:

Julie Elston, posing with her two daughters, Abby and Olivia, received the 2012 Ella Sengenberger “Adviser of the Year” award at the IHSPA convention on Oct. 18.

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