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Competition Deadlines and Links To Help You Participate

Diana Hadley

Diana Hadley


As deadlines approach, here is a review of competition opportunities for your students and publications.



Send 3 consecutive newspapers from the beginning of the 2012 school year. Click here for the Hoosier Star Newspaper application form. (Fee is $50. Check should be made to Franklin College with notation to IHSPA.)


This contest is a continuation of the popular Media Day Super Bowl contest initiated last year.

Each student who enters the sports contest should send any combination of three of the following: sports stories, sports columns or sports photos that have been published in a high school publication or for a high school website since the beginning of the 2012 school year. (Website sports entries can be video or multimedia coverage or features.)

Winners of the sports contest will receive press credentials to cover this year’s Indianapolis 500 Media Day. Awards will be announced and presented at the First Amendment Symposium on March 6 at the Indiana Statehouse. (There is no entry fee for this contest, and entries can be sent as PDF attachments to my email.)



Check this JEA.org link for Portfolio Guidelines, but send the Student Journalist of the Year portfolio to Diana Hadley at IHSPA. (No entry fee.)


• Essay Contest:

Advisers are encouraged to send up to three of their best student entries based on this year’s Society of Professional Journalist essay topic:

 “Why is it important that we have news media that are independent of the government?”

Include the Essay Entry Form. Additional copies can be downloaded from the Society of Professional Journalist website but send to Diana Hadley. (IHSPA will pay national entry fees and forward winning entries to the national contest.)

• David Adams First Amendment Contests

Poster or t-shirt designs that promote the First Amendment should be submitted as a PDF and sent to Diana Hadley’s email: dhadley@franklincollege.edu

• Special publications or in-depth features about First Amendment issues. (A feature story about the 25th anniversary of Hazelwood would be a possible example for this category this year.) (add link)

• Other First Amendment projects can include video or multimedia presentations that promote or describe First Amendment Freedoms or special educational events planned for the student’s school or community. Past entries have included First Amendment weeks or First Amendment programs for the community or multiple schools. Description of projects should be submitted with materials that help describe the projects. (There is flexibility in this category to encourage creativity. Questions about possible entries are welcome.)

Entries for all contests should be sent by the deadlines above to:

Diana Hadley, IHSPA
Franklin College
101 Branigin Boulevard
Franklin, IN 46131

Awards for all the contests described above will be presented at the First Amendment Symposium at the Indiana Statehouse, March 6, 2013, 4:00 p.m.

Feel welcome to contact me with questions about any of the contests or symposium.

Diana Hadley
Office: 317.738.8199
Cell: 317.341.4360

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