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‘Tell Me A Story’ Theme Spearheads 2014 State Convention

Tell Me a Story Blog LogoIHSPA Advisers and Friends:

I hope you will mark Oct. 16-17, 2014, at Franklin College for the next Indiana High School Press Association State Convention.To go along with the convention theme “Tell Me a Story” (See logo left), the keynote speaker will be Soren Wheeler, senior producer of Radiolab. If your students aren’t already fans of Radiolab, you may want to introduce them to site here that describes Soren and some of his projects.

We will provide lesson plans prior to the convention to help promote radio,  storytelling in general and the convention itself. Although the convention will offer sessions across media platforms, anyone who wants to learn more about radio should check out Dennis Cripe’s recent blog that includes multiple resources and lesson ideas.

Make sure you also visit the American Student Radio link site that can give your students opportunities to learn and compete in this spring’s contest.

JEA Convention and Ball State J-Day

I wish all of you who are traveling to San Diego over the next few days for the JEA convention to have an enjoyable, educational, safe trip.I hope to see you soon in San Diego, Ball State J-Day on April 25 or at an event you plan that includes IHSPA. 😉

Regional Workshops and Individual School Visits

I’m currently planning regional workshops for late spring and early fall. Remember that these are small gatherings of one to a few schools in the same area and specific to the needs of the advisers and students who attend. I enjoyed working with John Wells for a “Women in Journalism” luncheon at Evansville Reitz on March, and I look forward to meeting with private school advisers with Tracy Luke at Bishop Chatard next week.You are always encouraged to share your successes and challenges.

Diana Hadley

Office: 317.738.8199

Cell: 317.341.4360


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