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Some Contest, Workshop Info Along With Best Wishes

June 3, 2014 Leave a comment

Hadley MugAdvisers:

The last day of school for IHSPA members varies by a couple of weeks due to creative scheduling and a pesky winter, but here are some June summaries of IHSPA information for everyone.

Harvey Newspaper Contest

Several schools already have successfully entered the 2014 Newspaper Harvey Awards contest. Anyone who still plans to enter by the June 30 deadline can find directions on the website at the link below:

Harvey Yearbook Contest

The yearbook platform is also open for anyone who wants to go ahead and submit spring yearbook entries. However, it will remain open until Sept. 15, 2014 to accommodate fall delivery yearbooks. (Contact me if there are questions.)

Best Wishes and Appreciation for IHSPA Adviser Retirees

Kathy Fasel-McKinney will retire from Kankakee Valley High School. She started her career at Benton Central in 1975, went to Hobart in 1980 and Kankakee Valley in 1981. The two-time Lilly grant recipient and Crystal Apple award-winner has taught English, journalism, film, radio and television and sponsored newspaper, yearbook, television, classes, Quill and Scroll, literary magazine, decathlon, and English, speech and spell bowl teams in addition to leading numerous philanthropic drives for the school and community.

 Brenda Schindler will retire after 36 years in education. Her schools have included Orleans (1978-79), Owen Valley (1979-87) and Martinsville (1987-2014). In addition to sponsoring the Artesian Herald student newspaper at Martinsville, her career also has included advising yearbook and directing plays. Administratively, she has served as department chair and district language arts curriculum co-chair for the Metropolitan School District of Martinsville.

 Kankakee Valley and Martinsville will be challenged to replace each of these outstanding teachers/advisers with anything less than a couple of people. Thanks to Kathy and Brenda for their many levels of contri-bution to scholastic journalism and education in general.

(Please contact me if there are other retirees to be recognized.)

Fall Convention/Summer Workshops

Plans are exciting for the 2014 IHSPA fall convention October 16-17. With the theme “Tell Me A Story” that will include keynote speaker NPR Radiolab producer Soren Wheeler, it is a good time to promote a workshop for audio storytelling. In addition to lesson plans about audio storytelling that will be available on the IHSPA website when the new school year begins, Sarah Neal Estes, American Student Radio session leader at the fall convention for the last two years will be teaching a workshop in podcasting this summer. For more information check the link at:

Other summer workshop opportunities in a variety of areas for many different skills can be found on the links below.

Indiana University Workshops

Ball State Workshops

Please feel welcome to contact me throughout the summer with the exception of July 20-31 when I will be traveling out of the country.

The best contacts for IHSPA summer base camp are my email or cell.

I hope you can enjoy some free time as you recover from 2013-14 and charge up for the 2014-15 school year.

Diana Hadley

IHSPA Executive Director

Cell: 317.341.4360

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