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Convention Forms, Lodging Information, Lilly Fellowships Available

September 5, 2014 Leave a comment


The number of emails I receive from groups make me consider carefully the number I send to IHSPA members. Consequently, I try to combine some as multiple messages. Listed below are important topics of the week.

〉2014-15 IHSPA Officer Applications Available

Student Officer Application 2013

Click Above To Access Form

Officers meet four to five times per year to help plan the annual convention, symposium and regional workshops and address a variety of high school journalism issues. For more information about being an officer, anyone is welcome to contact me or other current board members.

 〉2014 Ella Sengenberger and Louis Ingelhart Nominations

The Sengenberger Award is presented each year to an adviser who has made outstanding contributions to a school’s journalism/publications program and/or state/national scholastic journalism. Nomination letters from colleagues, students or former students should be sent to Diana Hadley by mail or email by Wednesday, Oct. 1 Information about Ella Sengenberger and a list of previous recipients is available on the IHSPA website:

 The Ingelhart (Friend Of Journalism) Award is presented to a person or group for significant support of scholastic journalism in Indiana. Past recipients have included administrators, media representatives and educational organizations. Letters of nomination should be sent to Diana Hadley by mail or email by Wednesday, Oct. 1. Information about Louis Ingelhart and a list of past recipients is available on the IHSPA website:

 2014 IHSPA Fall Convention, Oct. 16-17

The fall convention has a one- or two-day option. Schools that travel a long distance often like to arrive the previous evening and stay in local hotels. Information about the hotels is available on the IHSPA website:

Those who decide to attend Thursday evening will want to consider opportunities for on-site competitions. Categories for this year’s on-sites include:

•Writing (news, feature, editorial or sports)

•Design (newspaper, front page, feature page, infographics)

•Yearbook design/production (student life, cover & end sheets, theme development or chronological or non-traditional spread


•Ethics and Leadership

•Photography (news/feature, sports, portfolio)

 Specific information about the categories and a registration sheet will be available on the IHSPA website at the beginning of next week.

Convention Registration 2014

Click Above To Access Form

 Convention registration forms are available

Click on the image (left) to download your copy of the convention registration form.

Additional information about speakers that have been sent in previous emails can also be found on the IHSPA website.

The complete program will be posted the week of Sept. 15.

 〉Lilly Teacher Creativity Fellowships

Several IHSPA advisers have received Lilly fellowships. These $10,000 grants are awarded to 100 Indiana teachers each year. Currently employed licensed teachers who have held a teaching position since the fall of 2012 are eligible to apply. Deadline for proposals is Nov. 3. 

More information about the grants is available at www.teachercreativity.organd from many of our members who have benefited from the opportunities the grants provide.

 〉Rise Above The Mark

This documentary about education produced in Indiana has several free showings scheduled throughout the state. Trailers and more info about the film are available at:

The Indiana Coalition for Public Education will sponsor the showings listed below. A panel discussion will follow each showing of the documentary.  Video producer Dr. Rocky Killion will be on the panel at each site. Each of the showings below will begin at 2:00 p.m.

• September 6: Indianapolis: Washington Township Education Center

      86th & Woodfield Crossing Blvd

• September 27: Merrillville ; Merrillville High School Auditorium

     276 East 68th Place

• October 4: Fort Wayne: IPFW Rhinehart Recital Hall

     2101 E. Coliseum Blvd

• October 18: New Albany NAFC Education Support Center

     2801 Grant Line Road

• October 25:  Evansville Location TBA


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Some Contest, Workshop Info Along With Best Wishes

June 3, 2014 Leave a comment

Hadley MugAdvisers:

The last day of school for IHSPA members varies by a couple of weeks due to creative scheduling and a pesky winter, but here are some June summaries of IHSPA information for everyone.

Harvey Newspaper Contest

Several schools already have successfully entered the 2014 Newspaper Harvey Awards contest. Anyone who still plans to enter by the June 30 deadline can find directions on the website at the link below:

Harvey Yearbook Contest

The yearbook platform is also open for anyone who wants to go ahead and submit spring yearbook entries. However, it will remain open until Sept. 15, 2014 to accommodate fall delivery yearbooks. (Contact me if there are questions.)

Best Wishes and Appreciation for IHSPA Adviser Retirees

Kathy Fasel-McKinney will retire from Kankakee Valley High School. She started her career at Benton Central in 1975, went to Hobart in 1980 and Kankakee Valley in 1981. The two-time Lilly grant recipient and Crystal Apple award-winner has taught English, journalism, film, radio and television and sponsored newspaper, yearbook, television, classes, Quill and Scroll, literary magazine, decathlon, and English, speech and spell bowl teams in addition to leading numerous philanthropic drives for the school and community.

 Brenda Schindler will retire after 36 years in education. Her schools have included Orleans (1978-79), Owen Valley (1979-87) and Martinsville (1987-2014). In addition to sponsoring the Artesian Herald student newspaper at Martinsville, her career also has included advising yearbook and directing plays. Administratively, she has served as department chair and district language arts curriculum co-chair for the Metropolitan School District of Martinsville.

 Kankakee Valley and Martinsville will be challenged to replace each of these outstanding teachers/advisers with anything less than a couple of people. Thanks to Kathy and Brenda for their many levels of contri-bution to scholastic journalism and education in general.

(Please contact me if there are other retirees to be recognized.)

Fall Convention/Summer Workshops

Plans are exciting for the 2014 IHSPA fall convention October 16-17. With the theme “Tell Me A Story” that will include keynote speaker NPR Radiolab producer Soren Wheeler, it is a good time to promote a workshop for audio storytelling. In addition to lesson plans about audio storytelling that will be available on the IHSPA website when the new school year begins, Sarah Neal Estes, American Student Radio session leader at the fall convention for the last two years will be teaching a workshop in podcasting this summer. For more information check the link at:

Other summer workshop opportunities in a variety of areas for many different skills can be found on the links below.

Indiana University Workshops

Ball State Workshops

Please feel welcome to contact me throughout the summer with the exception of July 20-31 when I will be traveling out of the country.

The best contacts for IHSPA summer base camp are my email or cell.

I hope you can enjoy some free time as you recover from 2013-14 and charge up for the 2014-15 school year.

Diana Hadley

IHSPA Executive Director

Cell: 317.341.4360

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‘Tell Me A Story’ Theme Spearheads 2014 State Convention

April 9, 2014 Leave a comment

Tell Me a Story Blog LogoIHSPA Advisers and Friends:

I hope you will mark Oct. 16-17, 2014, at Franklin College for the next Indiana High School Press Association State Convention.To go along with the convention theme “Tell Me a Story” (See logo left), the keynote speaker will be Soren Wheeler, senior producer of Radiolab. If your students aren’t already fans of Radiolab, you may want to introduce them to site here that describes Soren and some of his projects.

We will provide lesson plans prior to the convention to help promote radio,  storytelling in general and the convention itself. Although the convention will offer sessions across media platforms, anyone who wants to learn more about radio should check out Dennis Cripe’s recent blog that includes multiple resources and lesson ideas.

Make sure you also visit the American Student Radio link site that can give your students opportunities to learn and compete in this spring’s contest.

JEA Convention and Ball State J-Day

I wish all of you who are traveling to San Diego over the next few days for the JEA convention to have an enjoyable, educational, safe trip.I hope to see you soon in San Diego, Ball State J-Day on April 25 or at an event you plan that includes IHSPA. 😉

Regional Workshops and Individual School Visits

I’m currently planning regional workshops for late spring and early fall. Remember that these are small gatherings of one to a few schools in the same area and specific to the needs of the advisers and students who attend. I enjoyed working with John Wells for a “Women in Journalism” luncheon at Evansville Reitz on March, and I look forward to meeting with private school advisers with Tracy Luke at Bishop Chatard next week.You are always encouraged to share your successes and challenges.

Diana Hadley

Office: 317.738.8199

Cell: 317.341.4360


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A Deadline Extension Plus A Symposium Update

January 31, 2014 Leave a comment

Hadley MugIHSPA updates for this week.

Deadline Extension
Some advisers are concerned about the Friday deadline for Hoosier Star newspaper critiques and sports contest entries.
Obviously, weather delays and cancellations have played havoc with our schedules.
Extending the date another week for these two opportunities seems appropriate and it is possible. New postmark date for those two contests: Feb. 7
Contact me if you have additional questions, and good luck as you try to salvage your January goals.
First Amendment Symposium
Let’s look to March 5 for better weather for the First Amendment Symposium at the Statehouse North Atrium, 4-7:00 p.m.
Popular speaker Mary Beth Tinker will be the keynote. 
Remember that this event requires no registration or fee, but it is helpful for me to know how many people are planning to attend. I look forward to hearing from you.
Government classes from your schools may also be interested. Feel welcome to bring them.
Contests for the symposium are described on the IHSPA website HERE.

Grading for Publications
One of our advisers has suggested we share methods of grading for newspaper and yearbook staffs. 
Anyone who would like to share a system that works well is encouraged to send it to me. 
Then we will create a place on the IHSPA website to post it for others.
Keep me informed of your successes and challenges.
Let me know if I can help you in any way.
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Some Warm Opportunities To Thaw Those Long, Cold Days At Home

January 7, 2014 Leave a comment
Hadley Mug

Diana Hadley

Answer: 54 picas.

Question: In printing measurement, how deep is the snow at my house?

I know some of you have more snow and maybe no electricity, and all of us are worried about how we catch up once we’re back on the job…at the job. I can picture many of you communicating with students as you work at home on yearbook proofs.

Perhaps this is a good time to think about something positive and remind everyone about some good opportunities for your students.

Hoosier Star newspapers and sports contest entries are due Jan. 31. The membership form on the IHSPA website serves as the entry form for the critique. Consequently, many of you have already paid for the service and only need to send three consecutive issues from the first semester of this year to me.

Diana Hadley, IHSPA
101 Branigin Boulevard
Franklin College Franklin, IN 46131

We will continue the sports competition with both sports reporting and sports photography from first semester through the January 31 deadline. Once again winners will receive awards at the First Amendment Symposium and have the opportunity to attend the 500 Media Day in May or an Indiana Pacers practice and interview session.

Student Journalist of the Year portfolios should be sent to me by Feb. 14. Seniors are encouraged to enter Student Journalist of the Year competition following requirements set by JEA on the website. The JEA website also offers tips for preparing the portfolio, but I can answer questions as well. Finalists and scholarship winners will be introduced at the First Amendment Symposium, at the Indiana Statehouse March 5 from 407 pm. This year’s symposium features keynote speaker Mary Beth Tinker.

2014_FirstAmendment Web Logo-3

Click To See Flyer

Contests for the First Amendment Symposium include a new category: Government Reporting. I have already seen examples for this category in exchange newspapers. I hope many staffs will enter the great work they have been doing to inform students about issues that affect them. Deadline: Feb. 14.

First Amendment poster design and the First Amendment essay return as additional contests. Deadline: Feb. 14.

Feel welcome to copy the information on the website to share with students. All deadlines and information are listed, but anyone with questions should feel welcome to contact me. Office Phone: 317.738.8199 or Cell: 317.341.4360

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Updates For Convention As Date Nears

September 30, 2013 Leave a comment

Hadley MugIt is always a bit hectic 2 ½ weeks before the convention. It was a little more hectic than usual as we all transitioned into the new Harvey yearbook contest system last week. Then I had a call from the courthouse that I have to report to jury duty tomorrow, Oct. 1.

If Oct. 1 rings a bell, it may be because it is the same date we selected as the preferred deadline for convention/on-site registrations and student/adult board applications. I may not be selected for the jury, but I must report. I have reviewed my copy of  “Juror’s Handbook” and see that if I am selected I will not be allowed to have my cell phone. Consequently, I may not be able to respond to calls and emails as quickly as usual tomorrow. If selected it could be evening hours before I respond to calls and emails through Thursday.

In the meantime, the convention program and all forms are on the IHSPA website.

If you have additional questions, you should still feel welcome to contact me, and I will respond as soon as possible.

Additional Harvey Information

The yearbook organization tab didn’t appear on the online yearbook Harvey contest. Anyone who would like to submit three spreads for yearbook organization competition should send a PDF of them and the name of the students who did them to me as an email attachment(s).

Advisers’ Most Recent Concerns About Convention Registration

Payment for the convention and on-sites can be sent after the registrations. I realize school checks may only be written at certain times. What I need now are numbers.

Feel welcome to send numbers (and names if possible), and the checks can come later.


Office: 317.738.8199
Cell: 317.341.4360

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Some Contest News and Some Congratulations

May 4, 2013 Leave a comment
Hadley Mug

Diana Hadley

To 183 of the busiest people in Indiana:

I hope the ISTEP challenges of the week didn’t push you over the edge. If your students write about it, I would be interested in the variety of angles and quote. You are always encouraged to share anything that will inform or entertain the rest of us.

At the last IHSPA executive board meeting, a couple of actions were passed that will affect many of you right away, so I’m sending information about them and some of the recent accomplishments of our advisers.

Newspaper Harvey Contest:
The board has approved the purchase of an online journalism competition website that will give us another 21st century innovation in technology to improve contests from every aspect of contests from entry to judging.

It will take a couple of weeks to finalize; but once that is accomplished, I will send a group email with directions and post all the information on the IHSPA website. I have talked to other happy customers who say those who enter and those who judge all love it.

Categories will remain the same as last year, but you will not have to clip articles and copy entry forms. Everything will be submitted electronically.

Deadline will probably be no earlier than mid-June to allow for transition to the new system.

Jim Lang, Floyd Central Bagpiper and Bagpiper Online adviser, recently received the New Albany Floyd Central Consolidated School Corporation’s ExCEL award (Excellence in Classroom and Educational Leadership), sponsored by WHAS News.

This award recognizes a public school teacher who exemplifies enthusiasm in teaching methodology; develops meaningful personal relationships with students, parents, colleagues, and community members; models professionalism and citizenry; and commits to continued professional development and enhancement. Jim received a trophy and $1,000 for educational materials.

Elizabeth Granger has been selected to attend one of the Reynolds High School Journalism Institutes. The intensive two-week journalism training programs for secondary school teachers are hosted by five universities and funded by the Donald W.Reynolds Foundation.

Instruction is based on the core tenets of journalism and the skills needed to produce top-notch student publications, primarily online with multimedia tools. Elizabeth will attend the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University in Phoenix for or two weeks in June.

Rachel McCarver, Columbus North H.S. media adviser and Nicole Wilson, Carmel H.S. yearbook adviser received MJE certification at the recent JEA convention in San Francisco.

Jim Streisel, Carmel H.S.; Jack Dvorak, Indiana University (retired) and Nancy Hastings, Munster H.S. (retired) all had MJE certification renewed.

A New Jobs Page
We’ve added a new “Job Openings” page to our website. If you are aware of additional job opens, please feel free to contact me so we can update this page. You can access the new page at the address below or you can find it on the menu titled “Resources/Jobs.”

Good luck with the last days of the school year. It’s always good to hear from you.

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