Professional Development Opportunities Include Summer Internships, Workshops

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Hadley MugFriends,
I want to share some possibilities with you as you plan professional development activities for the summer.

There are several opportunities available to advisers from IHPSA and other organizations.


Check for information about the IHSPA Adviser Internship on the IHSPA website at:
Click “Events” on the top bar and then scroll down to “Adviser Internship.” The website describes this valuable program in more detail and includes application materials, but I also have attached an Internship Application Form that describes the internship and includes an application.

Feel welcome to contact me if you have questions. 

Woman’s Press Club Indiana is offering a scholarship for teachers as well, and that information is also attached as a PDF of this email and will be posted on the IHSPA website as well.
Indiana University School of Journalism offers grants for teacher/adviser summer workshops. You can find more information on THIS LINK:


Denise Roberts, Greenwood Community High School; Greg Mosley, Brown County High School; and Chris Kupersmith, Bedford North Lawrence HighSchool are 2013 recipients of Lilly Teacher Creativity Grants.

Congratulations to them for earning this exciting opportunity to expand interests.

I hope everyone will keep us informed of your challenges and successes.
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Sixth Symposium To Feature Awards, Speeches By Jacobi, Ritz

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Hadley Mug

Diana Hadley

It’s hard to believe that the First Amendment Symposium was launched six years ago. It is still exciting to see a group of students visit the Statehouse for the first time and see the beautiful “stately place” where they are about to speak or receive awards.

This year, IHSPA  members will celebrate the First Amendment with a variety of speakers and the presentation of 26 student awards or scholarships including the 2013 Student Journalist of the Year.

To learn more about keynote speaker Emily Jacobi or Glenda Ritz, Superintendent of Public Instruction, check the IHSPA website here.

Those who travel to the symposium by mini van or bus are welcome to free parking at the Indiana Historical Society at 450 West Ohio Street, easy walking distance to the Statehouse. For additional directions check this website for more information.

Those who use the Historical Society lot should have the parking ticket validated inside the Historical Society when you arrive.

Entrance to the symposium is the east side of the Statehouse on Capitol Ave. The north atrium is on the main level.

Feel welcome to contact Diana Hadley at for additional questions or her cell at: 317.341.4360.

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Shhhh! IHSPA’s New Web Site Not Much Of A Secret

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Hadley Mug

Diana Hadley

It’s hard to keep a secret.

For the last month Dennis Cripe and Darian Eswine (Franklin College freshman journalism major and last year’s IHSPA Student Journalist of the Year Runner-Up) have been creating a new IHSPA website. We have been adding more information the last few days with the idea we would launch the new website the week of Feb. 11.

By Tuesday, Feb. 6, with no announcement, the new site had 135 page views.

Our new URL is and we’re officially open for business. But keep in mind that some of the features are works in progress. Please check regularly to see what’s new with the IHSPA or check in with us by “liking” our Facebook page.

The new site features an archive that includes IHSPA history from the last 90 years. Anyone who has something that should be included in that collection is encouraged to send it. We would be happy to copy and return the materials. Here’s a look at what we’ve added to the history page so far:

Darian has agreed to be the editor of the site. Dennis and I both enjoy working with her, and we know her connection to 21st century communication and commitment to IHSPA will keep the site fresh and interactive.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Competition Deadlines and Links To Help You Participate

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Diana Hadley

Diana Hadley


As deadlines approach, here is a review of competition opportunities for your students and publications.



Send 3 consecutive newspapers from the beginning of the 2012 school year. Click here for the Hoosier Star Newspaper application form. (Fee is $50. Check should be made to Franklin College with notation to IHSPA.)


This contest is a continuation of the popular Media Day Super Bowl contest initiated last year.

Each student who enters the sports contest should send any combination of three of the following: sports stories, sports columns or sports photos that have been published in a high school publication or for a high school website since the beginning of the 2012 school year. (Website sports entries can be video or multimedia coverage or features.)

Winners of the sports contest will receive press credentials to cover this year’s Indianapolis 500 Media Day. Awards will be announced and presented at the First Amendment Symposium on March 6 at the Indiana Statehouse. (There is no entry fee for this contest, and entries can be sent as PDF attachments to my email.)



Check this link for Portfolio Guidelines, but send the Student Journalist of the Year portfolio to Diana Hadley at IHSPA. (No entry fee.)


• Essay Contest:

Advisers are encouraged to send up to three of their best student entries based on this year’s Society of Professional Journalist essay topic:

 “Why is it important that we have news media that are independent of the government?”

Include the Essay Entry Form. Additional copies can be downloaded from the Society of Professional Journalist website but send to Diana Hadley. (IHSPA will pay national entry fees and forward winning entries to the national contest.)

• David Adams First Amendment Contests

Poster or t-shirt designs that promote the First Amendment should be submitted as a PDF and sent to Diana Hadley’s email:

• Special publications or in-depth features about First Amendment issues. (A feature story about the 25th anniversary of Hazelwood would be a possible example for this category this year.) (add link)

• Other First Amendment projects can include video or multimedia presentations that promote or describe First Amendment Freedoms or special educational events planned for the student’s school or community. Past entries have included First Amendment weeks or First Amendment programs for the community or multiple schools. Description of projects should be submitted with materials that help describe the projects. (There is flexibility in this category to encourage creativity. Questions about possible entries are welcome.)

Entries for all contests should be sent by the deadlines above to:

Diana Hadley, IHSPA
Franklin College
101 Branigin Boulevard
Franklin, IN 46131

Awards for all the contests described above will be presented at the First Amendment Symposium at the Indiana Statehouse, March 6, 2013, 4:00 p.m.

Feel welcome to contact me with questions about any of the contests or symposium.

Diana Hadley
Office: 317.738.8199
Cell: 317.341.4360

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Memories Of Hazelwood And A Principal Who Cared

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Diana Hadley

Diana Hadley

In what some may categorize as another episode of  “Remembering the olden days with Diana Hadley,” I want to describe the day the Hazelwood vs. Kuhlmeier case was announced 25 years ago this week.

My principal, my newspaper editor and I all read about the Hazelwood decision in the morning paper. (Morning newspapers sometimes had breaking news in the last century.)

My newspaper editor decided to wear black mourning clothes to school that day to make a fashion statement about her opinion of the decision. My principal was at the sign-in counter when I arrived. He mentioned the Hazelwood article and then asked when the next production night was scheduled.

When I told him it was Tuesday and asked if he planned to be there, he said, “No, you can tell your kids it is business as usual around here.”

Sharing that great news with the editor was a momentary damper on her great black clothes protest, but we all breathed that sigh of relief that comes from working in a positive environment.

Not everyone was as lucky as we were, and I have learned that many administrators have realized our fears and used Hazelwood as the opportunity to take more control of the content of student publications.  The good news is that many have not, and 25 years later that is what we can actually celebrate: the fact that given the opportunity to stifle student voice, many administrators still support student publications.

IHSPA recognized my principal, Bill Overholser, with a special award for his support of high school publications. He shares that honor with 15 other Indiana administrators who have continued to value student expression despite the temptation to embrace Hazelwood when student coverage is uncomfortable for them.

At the 2012 fall convention, IHSPA recognized two of those administrators: Patricia Flowers, Connersville High School Principal, and Jeff Butts, Wayne Township Superintendent. Thanks again to them and all administrators who believe that “business as usual” at their high school should include strong, independent publications staffs.

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First Amendment Contests, Projects Challenge Students’ Creativity

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Diana Hadley

Diana Hadley

IHSPA Members:

Recent emails and Facebook messages indicate that many advisers were as busy during the holiday break as they are when school is in session. I hope everyone has been able to complete first semester responsibilities, and the New Year seems like a fresh start.

As you look at the opportunities for your students and publications to participate and compete, feel welcome to contact me with specific questions.

In the meantime, let me promote the First Amendment contests.

First Amendment Essay Contest

The essay should be double spaced and 300-500 words. IHSPA is using the same essay question for the First Amendment contest as the Society of Professional Journalists 2013 competition.

“Why is it important that we have news media that are independent of the government?”

 IHSPA will pay the entry fee and send in the winning entry to SPJ prior to the symposium. All entries should be sent to me but include the SPJ entry form that can be downloaded from the SPJ website here.

David Adams First Amendment Projects

These entries can be posters or t-shirt designs that promote the First Amendment or any educational project that encourages First Amendment freedoms in the school or community. (The more creative the entries the more categories we can give awards.)

Feel welcome to contact me with questions about any of the contests or events. More information about the symposium program will be provided soon.

Diana Hadley

Office 317.738.8199

Cell: 317.341.4360

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The IHSPA Would Like To See Your Election Coverage

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Diana Hadley


I know many of your students are covering election issues as they pertain to your specific schools. (school board contests, referendums, etc.)

I would like to post some of the coverage as we have done in the past, so feel welcome to send digital pages or links.

You and your students might be interested in this info that was posted in a Howey/DePauw poll this morning.

In the other surprising result of this Howey/DePauw survey, Republican Supt. of Public Instruction Tony Bennett had only a 40 to 36% lead over Democrat Glenda Ritz, with a large 24% undecided. As for definite votes, Bennett leads Ritz by just a 34-32% margin. Bennett, who ushered in a series of education reforms with the imprimatur of Gov. Mitch Daniels, has a fantastic fundraising advantage over Ritz, and should benefit from being part of the GOP statewide ticket which hasn’t lost an executive branch race since Democrat Jeff Modisett won the attorney general office in 1996. Ritz’s competitiveness appears to be fueled by teachers and their unions who have chafed under the new performance standards, and elements of the Tea Party movement which disapprove of the CORE curriculum that Bennett, as well as the Obama administration, has pushed.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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